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  1. Welcome and introduction by the Chairman. The Chairman welcomed one member of the public to the meeting.


  1. To approve the Minutes of the Annual Public Meeting held on Monday 20TH May 2019 - The Chairman announced that the Minutes of the Meeting had been duly signed.
  1. Chairman’s report: -
  1. Bulford village road improvements - In May 2019 works commenced on the installation of two roundabouts, one double roundabout at the bottom of Salisbury Road at the junction with High Street, and one single roundabout at Orchard End.
  2. Replacement litter bins - The Parish Council have a rolling programme to replace the public litter bins as they fall below repair. Last year, under a scheme run by Wiltshire Council, the Parish received 4 new public litter bins which are now installed around the village. The Parish Council really appreciated the donation as this allows the funds allocated to the programme to be used for other important projects.
  3. Litter during lockdown - Overall the amount of litter improved greatly during lockdown however, it is disappointing to see that since the ease of lockdown the litter seems to be increasing, especially from the local takeaway outlets.
  4. Dog litter during lockdown - The Parish Council received a few calls about inconsiderate dog owners and an increase in dog litter, and dog owners leaving bagged dog litter strewn on the pavement. After discussion it was agreed to increase signs around the village asking all dog owners to pick up their mess and take it home, or place in one of the public litter bins provided.
  5. Lockdown and Wiltshire Council - Wiltshire Council has reacted well to the challenges bought by COVID-19 and have provided local authorities with a pool of resources. However, with regards to Governance, the information could have been improved with the provision of council-led signage, for recreational and play areas to help with clear communication.
  6. Surface repairs A3028 - Wiltshire Council expect the works to be completed by the end of F/Y 2020/202.
  7. Street lighting upgrade - Works to replace the streetlights are now complete.
  8. Ragged Robin Copse - The Parish Council has been approached by a Conservation Group with a view to use the copse as a conservation area. Council is looking into the possibility of the arrangement as this has the potential to improve the overall maintenance and aesthetics of the copse, and at the same time save on maintenance costs. Ragged Robin Copse will not be offered for sale; and prior to any arrangement, a consultation will take place with the residents of the parish along with legal advice.
  9. Grounds Maintenance Contract - The Parish Council would like to thank Gavin Jones for honouring as much of the ground’s maintenance as possible during COVID-19, whilst operating with a skeleton team.
  10. Pedestrian Crossing - Wiltshire Council intends to carry out a pedestrian survey at the area of the new double mini roundabout junction in response to the recent Road Safety Audit (RSA). This should be done in a suitable term-time period, with a small delay due to the COVID-19 situation and planning. The survey should also include the single roundabout at Orchard End. Bulford Parish Council will continue to request that the provision of a pedestrian crossing is addressed by Wiltshire Council.
  11. Bulford Village Hall - The village hall will remain closed. The decision will be reviewed again in September 2020.
  12. Questions and reports from members of the public - None



Mr D Morrison ..................................
Chairman Bulford Parish Council





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