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Minutes of the Bulford Parish Council Meeting
Monday 6 September 2021

Present: Cllr D Morrison (Chairman), Cllr G Jenkins (Vice Chairman), Cllr S Turner, Cllr T Simpkins
In attendance: Wiltshire Councillor Mark Verbinnen
Apologies: Cllrs: S Shayler
Absent without Apology: Cllr B Alsop
Apologies Representatives: None

Bulford Recreation Ground remains open with safety rules and guidance in place for use of the play areas during COVID-19. The play equipment continues to be sanitised weekly under the direction of the Parish Council; however, individuals are encouraged to carry out any precautionary sanitising actions as they deem fit before using the equipment.

Council in Informal Session


Cllr Mark Verbinnen reported the following:

  • Meetings for the Community Area Transport Group and Stonehenge Area Board will remain virtual until further notice.
  • A report was raised with WC for maintenance on the Right of Way behind the Rose & Crown pub which remains overgrown with vegetation. The work has not yet been actioned.
  • The Beeches Youth Club is to reopen.
  • Surplus MoD properties in Bulford will be made available to house Afghan Families.




Council in Formal Session


Approval of the Minutes from the Bulford Parish Council Meeting of Monday 26 July 2021
Business was adjourned at the Bulford Parish Council Meeting held on Monday 26 July 2021 due to no quorum. The Parish Clerk was actioned to make all payments as detailed in Appendix 1 to the agenda. All items were moved to the Buford Parish Council Meeting of Monday 6 September 2021.



Matters arising from the Minutes of the Bulford Parish Council Meeting held on Monday 26 July 2021




To receive Members’ Declarations of Interest
None received



Chairman’s report:

  • The ground surface repair to the Roundabout in the Recreation Ground is now complete.
  • There will be no Bulford Village Football Team this year. The Clerk was actioned to review the Grounds Maintenance Contract with a view to reducing grass cuts during the winter season and report at the next meeting.
  • The Parish Clerk was actioned to issue a cheque at the October 2021 meeting for the sum of £21.50 for the purchase of the Remembrance Day Wreath.



Parish Clerk
Cllr S Turner



Clerk’s Report on Finance and Correspondence
The Clerk reported a bank reconciliation figure of £42,880.28 and confirmed that Council is operating within budget.
Council authorised the following routine or otherwise approved payments:
Gavin Jones Ltd
Monthly Grounds Maintenance - £808.74
Gavin Jones Ltd
Litter picking/bin emptying on Solstice Path Jan-July 2021- £836.35
Parish Clerk’s Expenses
July and August - mileage, broadband and mobile telephone - £75.04
Mr A Stevens - £60.00
August Caretaker Services at the Recreation Ground
Wiltshire Council
Annual Lease of Allotment Land - £52.00
Wiltshire Council
CATG Contribution Ref: KAD/BULF Horse Warning Signs £220.75
HeartSafe AED Ltd
Purchase of second Defibrillator - £2,572.80
Contract Natural Gas (CNG) - £55.60
Opus Energy - £29.12

  • Payments Received

Wiltshire Council
Village Hall Hire for May 2021 Elections - £189.98
Village Hall
00540 Hire December 2021 - £37.80



Village Hall Procedures and Administration
No report currently



Other Agenda Items:

  1. Agenda Item deferred from BPC Annual Meeting, May 2021. See May Minute reference items 7 & 8.

To Confirm the Nominations of Councillors with Special Responsibilities and those representing Council on ‘Other Bodies’

  1. Parks, Cemeteries and Allotments - Cllr D Morrison
  2. Highways – Cllrs: J G Jenkins & T Simpkin
  3. Town & Country Planning – Cllr J G Jenkins
  4. Parish Steward Liaison – Cllr S Turner
  5. Rights of Way – Cllrs: S Turner & B Alsop
  6. Village Maintenance Contract – Cllr S Turner
  7. Area Boards (Representation on (‘Other Body’) Cllr J G Jenkins
  8. Young Peoples Recreational Facilities – Parish Clerk

(Caretaker to report through the Parish Clerk)

  1. Police Liaison – Cllr T Simpkin
  2. Supervision of Parish Accounts – TBC
  1. Purchase of a second Speed Indicator Device (SID)

Councillor Jenkins circulated a ‘Purchase Options Paper’ for discussion prior to the meeting. Council Resolved to proceed with the purchase of Option 2, from Evolis, price, £2011,76, as recommend by Cllr Jenkins as it represented best value for money.

  1. Bulford Parish Council working Party – Milky Way Pre-School

After full consideration, The Milky Way Pre-Schools proposal to operate from the Village Hall has been withdrawn.  

  1. Re-opening of Bulford Village Hall
  1. Recruitment of a replacement Caretaker – This matter is ongoing with interviews expected to take place late September.
  2. Mr Authur Stevens has agreed to help, in the short term, with village hall bookings.
  3. Changes to the Caretaker job description resulting from new working practices. This matter is ongoing.


















Reports by Councillors having Special Responsibilities including Representation on other bodies
Parks Cemeteries and Allotments – Cllr Morrison reported that there is a waiting list for allotments. Cllr Jenkins undertook to review the allotment contract to ensure it meets with best working practices.
Highways Cllr Jenkins reported the following:

  • The SID is now deployed on the Bulford Droveway.



Town & Country Planning

  1. PL2021/076619 Bulford Convenience Stores, Horne Road, Bulford Camp. Consent to display advertisement. No Objection
  2. PL/202106318 Listed Building Consent 44 Old Coach Road, Bulford. Replacement of two wooden ground floor and two wooden first floor single glazed casement windows on a like for like basis, with the exception that the new windows will be slimline double-glazed units. No Objection.
  3. PL/2021/06631 Watergate Farm, Amesbury. Construction of fishing lake with associated landscaping and reprofiling of agricultural land. No Comment



Parish Steward Liaison -
A report raised regarding the overgrown vegetation along the footpath behind the Rose and Crown has not been actioned by WC. Cllr Turner undertook to raise the matter with the Parish Steward.


Cllr S Turner


Rights of Way
No report currently



Village Maintenance Contract
No report currently



Area Boards (representation on “Other Body”)
No report currently



Young People’s Recreational Facilities (Caretaker to report through the Clerk)
No report currently



Police Liaison
No report currently



Supervision of Parish Accounts
No report currently


DATE OF THE NEXT MEETING                                                    Date: Monday 11 October 2021
N. A. Grove                                                                      Date: 15 September 2021
Clerk to the Council
Approved by Council as a true record

……………………………………………………….                                  Date………………………….
Chairman of Bulford Parish Council


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