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 Minutes of the Bulford Parish Council Meeting
Monday 8 November 2021

Present: Cllr D Morrison (Chairman), Cllr G Jenkins (Vice Chairman), Cllr S Turner, Cllr T Simpkins,
B Alsop, M Ibbotson
In attendance: Cllr M Verbinnen, Alan Smith (Caretaker to Bulford Village Hall)
Apologies: Cllr S Shayler
Absent without Apology: None
Apologies Representatives: Lt Col Turner

Council in Formal Session


Approval of the Minutes from the Bulford Parish Council Meeting of Monday 11 October 2021
The minutes were approved as a true record.



Matters arising from the Minutes of the Bulford Parish Council Meeting held on Monday 11 October 2021




To receive Members’ Declarations of Interest
None received



Chairman’s report:

  • A member of the public raised concerns regarding deep standing water that occurs on Marlborough Road end of Bulford Barracks during heavy rain. The locations of the standing water are at either ends of the barracks. Bulford Parish Council understands that the concerns for both the locations have been raised with Wiltshire Council but to no avail. The Clerk confirmed that she has raised a new report. In addition, Wiltshire Councillor Verbinnen confirmed that he has reported the matter to Wiltshire Council. This matter is ongoing.
  • The Chairman confirmed receipt of the Annual RoSPA Reports for the Recreation Ground, Nine Mile River, and the BMX track. The Caretaker was actioned to address all cosmetic repairs identified within the report.
  • Further mole activity has been identified at the Recreation Ground. After discussion it was agreed to take no action for the time being, but to monitor the situation.
  • The Caretaker has identified repairs and cleaning required to the village hall roof and guttering that may have been the cause of a recent leak. The Clerk was actioned to arrange for the repairs and cleaning.


Parish Clerk &
Cllr M Verbinnen




Alan Smith



Parish Clerk


Clerk’s Report on Finance and Correspondence
The Clerk reported a bank reconciliation figure of £57,353.73 and confirmed that Council is operating within budget.
Council authorised the following routine or otherwise approved payments:
Gavin Jones Ltd
Monthly Grounds Maintenance - £808.74
Parish Clerk’s Expenses
October mileage, broadband, telephone, cleaning equipment - £41.57
Cllr G Jenkins Expenses
Replacement printer toners - £60.00
RoSPA Play Safety
Annual Inspection of Bulford Recreation Ground and BMX Track - £168.60
Contract Natural Gas (CNG) – Credit received
Opus Energy - £25.98

  • Payments Received

Village Hall Hire
Hire 00545 + advance payment for future booking - £27.00
Hire 00544 - £56.70



Village Hall Procedures and Administration

  1. Cllr Jenkins reported that the new defibrillator is due to be installed at the Village Hall. Cllr Jenkins suggested that a ‘dawn to dusk’ light should be installed above the defibrillator. This was approved. Cllr Jenkins was actioned to liaise with the electrician for a quote to supply and installation of the light.


Cllr Jenkins


Other Agenda Items:
Village Hall Maintenance Budget
Council discussed allocating a percentage of funds from the Village Hall Maintenance Budget to purchase tools for the maintenance of the Village Hall. In addition, to allocate a monthly allowance for the purchase of sundry items. It was agreed to use funds from the Contingency Budget to finance the purchase of the tools, and to allocate a monthly figure for the purchase of sundry items. The values will be determined on submission of a list of tools required by the Caretaker. The Clerk was actioned to include this on the agenda at the next meeting.


Alan Smith
Parish Clerk


Reports by Councillors having Special Responsibilities including Representation on other bodies
Parks Cemeteries and Allotments - No report currently
Highways Cllr Jenkins reported the following:

  • The SID is now deployed on Milston Road.
  • Cllr Jenkins attended the recent CATG and re-enforced Council’s requirement for the following:
  1. Weight restrictions over Telegraph Hill
  2. Two sets of double yellow lines for junction 16
  3. The pedestrian surveys for the roundabouts through the CATG. This is an agenda item at the next CATG



Town & Country Planning

  1. PL/2021/08587 – Proposed works to Trees in a Conservation Area. 34 Old Coach Road. No Objection



Parish Steward Liaison -
The Parish Steward will be clearing drains but may be called to other work going into winter.



Rights of Way
The Clerk was actioned to report overgrown vegetation blocking RoW Bulford 9.
The Clerk was actioned to write to request the cutting back of overgrown trees and vegetation blocking the footpath behind Ledger Hill Close.


Parish Clerk

Parish Clerk


Village Maintenance Contract
Cllr S Turner was actioned to arrange for a quote for trees on Parish Council Land to be surveyed, from Sharples Tree Services.


Cllr S Turner


Area Boards (representation on “Other Body”)
Cllr T Simpkin reported the following:
The Area Board will continue with face-to-face meetings four times a year, with monthly drop-in sessions.



Young People’s Recreational Facilities (Caretaker to report through the Clerk)
No report currently



Police Liaison
No report currently



Supervision of Parish Accounts
No report currently


DATE OF THE NEXT MEETING                                                    Date: Monday 13 December 2021
N. A. Grove                                                                                 Date: 22 November 2021
Clerk to the Council
Approved by Council as a true record

……………………………………………………….                                  Date………………………….
Chairman of Bulford Parish Council



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