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Bulford Parish Council
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The Village Hall, Watergate Lane, Bulford, Wiltshire, SP4 9DY



Mrs Nichola Grove

Parish Clerk         
Telephone: 07598351537 Email:



1.   Any matter concerning the Village Hall and outdoor recreational facilities must be referred to the Council Caretaker in the first instance.
2.   It will save time if any general matter concerning the Council is referred to the Parish Clerk
in the first instance.
3.   A member of the public is free to contact any Councillor direct, if he/she so wishes, and this is particularly advantagous if the matter to be discussed falls under a Special Responsibility as shown above.   Such matters may be referred to the Parish Clerk, but time may be lost whilst the Clerk refers the matter to the Councillor responsible.
4.   It should be noted that no individual Councillor (and this includes the Chairman and Vice Chairman) may make a substantive decision without reference to Council in formal Session.

5.   The Council Careteker is responsible for Young People's Recreational Facilities and reports to Council, monthly, through the Clerk.


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