Wiltshire county council

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Bulford Parochial Church Council

Bulford Parish Council
Councillors and Officers Contact Details
The Village Hall, Watergate Lane, Bulford, Wiltshire, SP4 9DY
Website: www.bulforparishcouncil.org



Mrs Nichola Grove

Parish Clerk, RFO           
Telephone: 07598351537 Email: parishclerk@bulfordparishcouncil.org

Mr Peter Foley

Village Hall Caretaker, Village Hall Bookings
Telephone: 07522522215 Email: peterfoley42@hotmail.com

Councillor Mr David Morrison

Chairman - Parks, Cemetery, Allotments, Police Liaison,

Councillor Mr Graham Jenkins MBE

Vice Chairman – Highways, Town & Country Planning, Representation on Area Board

Councillor Mr Barnaby Alsop

Rights of Way

Councillor Mr Steve Turner

Rights of Way, Parish Steward Liaison, Maintenance Contract

Councillor Mr Stephen Shayler

Supervision of Parish Accounts

Councillor Mr Marc Ibbotson


Councillor Mr John Smale

Wiltshire Councillor for Bulford, Allington and Figheldean