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Dear Bulford Parish Council, (& other interested parties),

I am writing to advise that the works to the illegal BMX Track have now been completed, other than the removal of some of the trees.

The Forestry Authority have now issued the Felling Licence to Landmarc who manage the Woodland Strip area.

The work will entail removal of dangerous trees and substantial thinning of the softwoods, the creation of the route for the proposed cycleway from the new Service Families Accommodation Estate (Plumer Estate) to Double Hedges Road and the route for the new pedestrian access way from the Estate into Churchill Avenue.

The Extent of the works are generally shown on the attached plan. Restocking is a requirement of the Licence.

The felling works are due to commence during the first week of May.

Harvesting of timber should only take one week, however  the extraction and removal of timber will take 2 – 3 weeks thereafter. Extraction will be via the ‘open area’ adjacent to  80 Churchill Avenue, which will be used for stockpiling timber, awaiting collection by lorry.

Site clearance, mulching of the brash etc., is likely to take a further week although not necessarily immediately following the harvesting operations.

It is proposed that a ‘Letter drop’ is undertaken to those properties that ‘back onto’ the woodland strip advising of these operations.

In the first instance if there are any issues that need reporting these should be made to;

Tom Theed BSc (Hons) Forestry, RFS Cert Arb, PTI Cert
SW Rural Estate Delivery Advisor.
Landmarc Support Services Limited
DTE Salisbury Plain, Bldg 9, Westdown Camp, Tilshead, Wilts. SP3 4RS
Tel:  civilian 01980 674 757 / military 94325 4757
Mobile:  07920 800 118


Jacki Hulse
Maintenance Manager - Rural
Landmarc Support Services Limited
DTE Salisbury Plain, Bldg 90, Westdown Camp, Tilshead, Wilts. SP3 4RS
Tel: 01980 678 014
Mobile: 07484055333

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