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Dear Bulford Parish Council,

I am writing to advise that the illegal BMX Track which has been in existence for 10 – 15 years is to be closed, the jumps are now to be demolished to prevent further injuries, the area made safe and some trees will be felled due to instability through undermining the roots by the BMX Track. 

Specifically, due to the nearby development of Service Families Accommodation it has become necessary to take this action. As the track is close to this site and the MOD have to consider the  additional risk to recreational users of the adjacent woodland.

Over the last 10 years MOD Land Management Services has been in intermittent contact with one of the users of the BMX track to try to formalise the use by putting in place an agreement and ensuring appropriate risk assessments and insurance is in place.  The users have never managed to fulfil MOD’s basic requirements in order for us to progress a lease.

In 2015 B1ke were approached, B1ke are a mountain bike consultancy and have taken over the management of the nearby Tidworth Freeriders site. It was investigated if they could collaborate with the site users to fulfil the obligations required for a lease.  Despite site meetings and on-going discussions this never came to fruition.  In 2017 two 2 injuries sustained at the site were brought to the attention of MOD.

Whilst writing and following formal consultations with Wiltshire Council and the Forestry Authority the whole of the woodland strip will be subject to forestry operations shortly.  Landmarc who manage this are currently waiting for the Felling Licence. This will entail removal of dangerous trees and substantial thinning of the softwoods.

bmx track