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 Army Rebasing Newsletter - September 2015

This monthly publication aims to update you on the British Army Basing Programme which will see some 4,300 additional Service personnel plus their families relocate to Salisbury Plain over the next five years.

Planning Applications

The Defence Infrastructure Organisation (DIO) continues to progress its planning applications for the ABP. Nine priority works applications for developments within bases have been submitted and have been approved. All three major applications for the Service Family Accommodation (SFA) housing developments across the basing area have been submitted by DIO. The applications can be viewed online on Wiltshire Council’s planning web-pages. The applications are for:

• 227 SFA homes in Bulford (reference: 15/04006/FUL).

• 246 SFA homes in Ludgershall (reference: 15/02770/FUL) - NB demolition of the existing site buildings at Corunna Barracks, where the SFA is to be sited, has commenced.

• 444 SFA homes in Larkhill (reference: 15/05540/FUL).

All three applications are now likely to be considered together by Wiltshire Council at a special Strategic Planning Committee meeting. The meeting will be scheduled specifically to determine these applications and is due to be held shortly. The applications for the main works at all sites have now been received with the exception of that for Upavon which is due at the end of the year. No additional SFA is required at Tidworth or Upavon, but the MOD is buying 100 new homes at the Tidworth Riverbourne Fields site which are due to be delivered over the next three years.

Community Infrastructure

Preparations are underway for the arrival of troops from Germany between 2016 and 2018. Wiltshire Council is planning to extend Bulford St Leonard’s Primary School in two phases which will allow the capacity to increase from the current 240 places to 315 by 2018. In addition Bulford Kiwi school is to be expanded with a further 150 places. The first phase is due to complete in Easter 2016, in part to cater for the additional Service children relocating to the area mid next year and beyond. Local people have been consulted on these proposals by the two schools. A planning application is about to be submitted.

Planning Applications

As part of the SFA planning applications, DIO is offering land for community use - 0.3 hectares at Larkhill and 0.6 hectares at Ludgershall. It is also looking to make a range of sports halls, pitches and community centres more accessible for wider civilian use. Wiltshire Council is negotiating an agreement with DIO and the Army to achieve this, which will be incorporated into the Section 106 Agreement as part of the planning determination.

DIO has also offered an existing office building of some 500 square metres to serve as a new Ludgershall community facility. Ludgershall Town Council is working with Wiltshire Council to see whether this facility could be transformed into a centre for the benefit of the whole community. The facility will require some adaptation to make it more suitable for community use and would be owned by the town council or appointed trustees. Grants such as the Armed Forces Community Covenant Grant Scheme may be available to part-fund this, with Wiltshire Council funding the balance.

The MOD has commenced work on the construction of a cycle / pedestrian path at Somme Road from Perham Down camp to Tidworth Road (near Wellington Academy). The work, which is being undertaken by the 26 Engineers Regiment, with Wiltshire Council contributing funds to surface the path, started on 26 August and is due to complete in early 2016. The path will remain in MOD ownership, but will be available for public use. It is a pilot project for a longer term aim to extend MOD cycle paths across the Salisbury Plain Training Area.

Future Activity

• Throughout 2015: Submission of planning applications
• Late 2015: Priority works expected to start within bases at Perham Down, Larkhill and Bulford
• 2016: Main MOD build programme expected to commence
• Mid 2016: First unit relocates to Salisbury Plain (Bulford) from Germany (5 RIFLES)
• 2018 - 2019: Majority of additional Service personnel expected to move to Salisbury Plain

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